New SSR Goddess Chiron Joins the Battle on October 27th!

2021-10-24 22:42:30
Travelers lost in the green forest, follow the direction of these legendary arrows—a celestial messenger shall lead you to salvation.
New SSR Goddess Chiron joins the battle! Her ability comes with its own protection effect, reducing magic damage taken by her team to provide an unexpected survivability boost. This mystically magical goddess's MDEF directly determines her power in combat!
Element: Earth
Class: Mage
Skill Preview:
Talent - Exalted Sage
At the start of the battle, 60% of MDEF is added to INT, and INT increases by 20%
Basic - Magic Arrow
Deals magic damage equal to 100% of INT to a single enemy and inflicts 1 stack of [DEF Down]
Skill - Magic Agglomeration
Gains [Agglomeration]. You cannot use this skill if you are already affected by [Agglomeration].
[Agglomeration]: DMG Bonus +100%. Lasts 2 turns. Cannot be dispelled.
Ultimate - Resplendent Bow
Deals magic damage equal to 235% of INT to all enemies.
Support - Hammer Spark
Gain 1 Energy when battle begins.
Deals magic damage equal to 140% of INT to all enemies.
After casting this ability, gain 2 Energy.