May 2nd Maintenance Notice

2019-05-01 19:12:14

Langrisser Mobile will undergo an maintenance at May 2nd on 01:00 (CDT). The maintenance process is expected to last for 60 minutes, during which, commanders will not be able log into the game. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause! After the maintenance is completed, you'll be able to enter the game and continue your glorious adventure!


[Maintenance Time] 01:00-02:00 (CDT)

[Affected Servers] All Servers

[Maintenance Compensation]

After the maintenance is completed, 3 Advanced Crafter's Hammers and 50,000 Gold will be sent to your in-game mailbox. Please don't forget to check your mail!


[Maintenance Contents]

[New Heart Bonds]

After the update, you'll be able to unlock the Heart Bonds of even more heroes! Upgrading Heart Bonds can greatly enhance a hero's stats, so keep bonding with your heroes, Commander!


Unlocking Conditions: Upgrade hero's bond level to Lv35. The hero must also reach Lv55.


Location: Bonds – Bond Power


The second group of heroes to gain access to Heart Bonds are:


SSR: Dieharte, Elwin, Altemuller, Angelina


SR: Almeda, Lance, Kirikaze


[New Class - Unicorn Master Sonya]

After the update, you'll be able to further upgrade Sonya's Unicorn Knight class to Unicorn Master, opening up even more possibilities on the battlefield!




[ATK Break] [Passive] Before battle, 50% chance to reduce enemy's ATK & INT by 20%. Lasts 1 turn.


[ATK Support (L)] [Passive] After taking action, increases the damage dealt by 2 friendly units within 2 blocks (not including this unit) by 15%. Immune to ATK & INT reduction effects and effects that silence active skills. Lasts 1 turn.


--Soldiers: Demon Hunter, Dark Elf Sniper


[Gate of Fate - Sonya]

Through the unsealed Gate of Fate, the light of legend pours into the minds of all adventurers who behold it, and now, Sonya's new journey begins!


This girl of half-demon descent was doomed to a tragic fate from birth. Shunned by humans and demons alike, she lives a lonely and bitter existence, forever searching for a place to belong.


After the update, Sonya's Gate of Fate will open -- accompany her through life-changing battles as she faces her inner demons!