Noriyuki Iwadare Returns! The Immortal Mystique of Langrisser’s Soundtrack

2018-11-22 20:13:57

As you all know, the Langrisser series is remembered not only for its expansive plot and magnificent characters, but also for its unforgettable melodies, capable of reaching the very depths of your soul.


In order to offer an experience faithful to the original games and of the highest quality possible, we invited Noriyuki Iwadare, composer of Langrisser’s original soundtrack, to create a brand new theme song for Langrisser Mobile.


Noriyuki Iwadare is a famous and well-acclaimed composer in Japan, his musical style rooted in creating epic symphonies that transport players to fantasy worlds with elegant, atmospheric, and majestic melodies that have become very popular with audiences worldwide.


Noriyuki Iwadare has created many classic tracks for the Langrisser series, participating in the composition of the theme songs for the first to fifth installments of the game, and the great success of the game is in no small part thanks to his excellent artistry.


Now, in Langrisser Mobile, Noriyuki Iwadare has returned to conjure up a new theme song, imbued with the spirit of adventure and fantasy, and set to arouse your deepest memories of the golden era of gaming.

His gift to Langrisser is a symphony, vast and atmospheric as ever, that will resound in our minds for all time.