Gameplay Introduction Guide: Efficient Upgrading in the Early Game

2019-02-02 22:02:34



Goddess Quiz Answers


1.      Shadow 


Strategic versatility 

In the heavens above       

In the heavens above 



My loved ones


2.      Strike Master


Overwhelming strength 

They do not exist 

To get what my heart desires 

An unyielding spirit 




3.      Dragon Master


Excellent mobility 

I am God 

To protect the things I care about/Courage 

Helping others 

My loved ones


1.      Ranger


Strategic versatility 

In the heavens above 

A green grassland in the spring 



My loved ones

Cavalry have high mobility and can be used as your team's main damage dealers.。

Dragon Masters have a degree of tankiness and can use [Wind Whisper] to remove enemy buffs.

Shadows ignore the Guard skill and can work with teammates to decimate enemies with precision.

Ranger is also a good choice, but with the low-price Narm gift pack available, it’s quite easy to fill this slot.


Lineup Recommendation

Basic Lineup:

3 Protagonists (Swordsmith Legion)

Lance (Obtained in the course of the game)

Jessica (Obtained in the course of the game. Teleport is very useful and magic damage is an important requirement)

Cherie (Obtained from 7-Day Event. Can replace Lance)


As you progress through the game and obtain more SSR Heroes, you can change your lineup accordingly.


Choose a lineup according to your heroes:

Legion of Glory Lineup

Main Force:

Cherie, Elwin, 3 Protagonists,



Hein (Can replace Jessica) used to supplement magic damage.

Narm: Very useful in both PVE and PVP.

Chris: Is very powerful in PVP.


Empire Lineup

Main Force:

Leon, Bernhardt, Vargas, Imelda


Egbert is particularly useful in PVP, but is not recommended for new players.

 (There are less options available when it comes to the Empire, so just try to use whatever you have.)


Why Choose Allegiances First?

Generally speaking, it's easier to form a Legion of Glory lineup. Choosing a lineup based on allegiances will make your team very powerful in the later stages of the game.


Mixing and matching your lineup provides more versatility, but due to resource issues, you should try to avoid upgrading too many heroes. This is why it’s best to train a main lineup from the beginning.


Upgrade Strategy

Your first day in the game should be when you work hardest.

Most functions will need to be handled manually and will require your attention.


Follow the main missions on the world map,

At this time, you don’t really need to take on world map events.


1. Map events will not disappear and the rewards are great. You can still finish them later.

2. Every time your team levels up, the maximum level of your heroes will increase by 1, and your heroes can be one level higher than your team level. Use EXP Potions to keep your heroes’ levels in line with your team level and your chances of clearing stages will improve dramatically.



First Main Story Break: Lv. 14

At this point, you can head to Aniki’s Gym in the Secret Realm and take on the Aniki Bros.

Battling as a team costs 16 Stamina and grants 20 EXP.

Time Rift stages cost 10 Stamina and grant 10 EXP.


There are 6 Aniki Bros, each with a different theme.

The boss’ attributes are the same as that of the theme.

Selecting a smart lineup and using class priority over boss can reduce the difficulty.

Playing in a team requires less Stamina (16)


Aniki’s Gym Team Rewards

Extra Team Benefits (2-player team +1 -- 3-player team +2)

Friend Benefits (+1. Only one of the other two players needs to be a friend.)

When team mode offers so much, who would want to play solo mode?

Well, solo mode is required for unlocking maps!


You need to pass the Lv. 15 stage solo before you can unlock Lv. 20, and so on.

Team mode is recommended, as it consumes less Stamina.

At the end of each training session, basic soldier training items will drop.

Once you have enough of the basic items, it’s time to take on another gym theme.

 (Two different themes will be available each day.)



You can head to the Time Rift after finishing with the gym.

Note that each main stage has three-star achievements, feats, and a hidden treasure chest. Generally speaking, the order you should complete them in is 3 Stars > Hidden Treasure Chest > Feats.

After all, you can sweep through each stage once you get 3 Stars.



On stages with hidden chests, tap the options in the top right corner, tap Read Guides, and you’ll find words of advice from other Commanders.


The Goddess Trial opens at Lv. 20. Just make sure you get your daily rewards – you don’t need to farm this dungeon for anything. SR equipment will drop in the Lv. 35 dungeon, and SSR equipment will drop in the Lv. 45 dungeon.


At the end of the first day of upgrading, your team can reach about LV. 20-21.


Rookie Advice!

It is recommended that you buy as much Stamina as you can every day until you reach Lv. 30. At the beginning of the game, you’ll have more than enough Trinity Crystals for it! After Lv. 30, you can change your expenditure strategy according to your lineup’s requirements.


Use your Stamina wisely to level up quickly and unlock new gameplay functions early! Follow the advice above to spend less time grinding and more time exploring new content!