How to Slay a Dragon: The Dragonslayer’s Guide to the Goddess' Trial!

2019-02-05 07:24:42


The Goddess’ Trial is one of the most important and challenging dungeons in Langrisser.


In order to get the best rewards possible, Commanders often choose to fight dragons of their own level limit. Since solo mode Stamina costs are higher than team challenge costs, most Commanders are also inclined to form a team when taking on these dragons.


When fighting a difficult dragon, a failed attack will often lead to a devastating defeat and a waste of Stamina, so we hope the following strategies give you a better understanding of the Goddess’ Trial dungeon and help to improve your success rate.


Ice Dragon Asante


The Ice Dragon drops armor and is a tremendously challenging boss, taking 50% less damage from melee attacks and freezing nearby heroes for 1 turn. This is why it’s recommended that you use ranged heroes to take down this fearsome foe. Most Commanders will use Almeda’s ranged attacks when first facing the Ice Dragon, but with Asante's high magic resistance, other damage dealers are needed to make this fight go smoothly.


Recommended Heroes




 Narm (Not Using Ballista) 

  Matthew (Archer)

Recommended Strategy

The Ice Dragon is the only dragon boss fight where a Lancer tank is not required. The recommended lineup here consists of 1 melee damage dealer and 4 ranged heroes.


The Ice Dragon’s minions are divided into two waves. Firstly, the enemies in the lower-right part of the map can be lured in by Almeda and Chris (the demon and witch won’t be able to kill them, and you don’t have to worry about the stronger witch’s AoE killing your Holy units outright), then have them attack the demons, melee attack the witches, and eventually dispense of them.


The Ice Dragon launches an AoE attack every other turn after the start of the fight. This AoE has a range of three blocks around the selected target and is very deadly. The way to deal with this is to launch an all-out attack and make sure that at least one of your healers is unaffected. Try placing two of your heroes next to each other in time for the AoE attack while your other heroes avoid it.


Thunder Dragon Carcosa


Drops headgear and is weak to Infantry and Lancers. The tricky terrain makes it difficult for Cavalry to navigate this map, but since the Thunder Dragon only uses ranged attacks, highly-trained Fliers can also be used.


Recommended Heroes



Recommended Strategy

The most suitable Thunder Dragon lineup should consist of a Lancer, two healers, and two damage dealers, preferably the best Infantry you have.


The Thunder Dragon’s minions are also divided into two waves. The two aquatic units in the water and the four on the other side of the bridge are pulled as one group. After Lv. 35, the aquatic units will have hooks, and will target your healers on the bridge first, so you’ll need to have your healers standing behind your other units. But be careful – if your other heroes end up blocking them on the bridge, your healers can be hooked directly into the water. Try not to fight when the aquatic enemies are in the water!


The other thing to note is not to let the Infantry on the other side of the bridge instakill your Lancer. This dragon will launch an AoE attack on the second turn after entering battle, and then launch an AoE attack every two turns, with a range of 3 blocks around the Thunder Dragon.


The way to deal with this is to let your healer run out of the dragon’s attack range every other turn, before the AoE skill is launched, then fight with your high-defense Infantry and Lancer, so that they are the only two heroes who take AoE damage.

 Fire Dragon Fafnir


The Fire Dragon drops weapons, armor, and headgear, and has no weaknesses. However, this is a relatively easy dragon to defeat. The Fire Dragon can debuff your heroes, reducing their ATK and INT and reducing their HP by 20% after taking action.


Recommended Heroes


Recommended Strategy

It’s recommended that you use 1 Lancer, 2 healers, and 2 damage dealers. The Fire Dragon’s minions are very ordinary, and you can pull the groups at the top and at the left separately. The Fire Dragon will cast a relatively minor buff during the first enemy turn. After approaching the dragon, it will cast an AoE skill on the second turn after entering battle, and then again every two turns. This skill attacks targets within a 3-block range of the dragon. The Fire Dragon’s AoE skill deals relatively low damage, so just try to bear through the damage if you can, and consider placing a healer with a group healing skill in position one to heal up your party after the Fire Dragon’s AoE skill lands. If the damage is too much for you to take, try using the strategy recommended for the Thunder Dragon battle.



Dark Dragon Tiamat

Drops weapons and is weak to Cavalry, Fliers, and Assassins. The Dark Dragon heals itself after each battle, and there’s only one narrow path leading to it. After 9 turns, its damage will increase dramatically.


 Recommended Heroes



Recommended Strategy

For your lineup, you can choose a Flier, a Cavalry, a Lancer, and two Holy units, or one Holy unit and one Archer.


The Dark Dragon's true difficulty lies in the other monsters in the dungeon. All five of the Fliers will charge at you, whether you lure them or not. They deal high damage, and will go for your healer first, extinguishing your hopes of victory.


If you’re having trouble taking them both on at the same time, you can choose to go left or right instead of across the stone bridge, and deal with the two groups of fliers one at a time. Because the dragon becomes enraged and its attacks drain HP, you should concentrate your damage on the boss after dealing with its minions.



1. Select your heroes according to the situation. It’s recommended that you place your best group healer in position one, and your other healer in position three, because if your team is not healed up after battle, things can get dangerous.

2. Pay attention to the dragon’s skills and try to keep your healer out of its AoE range, so that only two of your troops take damage.

3. Watch out for the range of the dragon’s minions. Don't let them overwhelm you -- think carefully about their range before advancing.

4. The most important thing is not to rush. Make your way through your enemies slowly but surely, and then focus your attacks on the boss.