Official Version FAQ

2019-01-22 00:22:34

[Launch Time]

The Official Launch will start at 10am CST (USA Central Standard Time, UTC-6) on 22nd January 2019
P.S.: The download time of 10:00 AM (CST) may be brought forward or delayed slightly on different platforms. For specific details, please refer to the actual launch time in the corresponding App Store or Google Play store of your respective launch region.


[Download Platforms]

iOS (App Store) & Android (Google Play)


[Available Countries & Regions]

USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Slovak, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta, Belgium, Austria, and Luxembourg


[Reporting Problems]

1. In-game Support: Tap on your character’s avatar in the upper left corner – Tap Q&A - Bugs and Feedback – then tap an item on the list corresponding to the type of problem you’d like help with.
2. Official Facebook Page: Follow the Langrisser Mobile Facebook Page, then report your issue through a direct message.
3. Customer Service Email:
You can send your questions via email to our official customer service account.
*When reporting an issue, please provide detailed information relating to your problem, including screenshots, so we can solve your problem as quickly as possible.


[iOS Pre-order Download Error Solutions]

After the game is launched, if you encounter a problem where you can't download the game normally after pre-ordering on iOS, please try logging out and logging into your Apple ID to solve the problem. The specific steps are as follows: Tap [Settings] - [iTunes Store & App Store] Log out of your currently logged-in Apple ID, then re-login to your Apple ID and enter the App Store. Search for "Langrisser" in the App Store, and then tap Download to download the game.


[1G Memory iOS Device Crash Issues]

If you are using a device with 1G memory and the operating system is lower than iOS 12, you may encounter crashes when playing the game. Please try upgrading your device’s operating system to iOS 12 to solve the problem. If this does not solve the problem, please contact us through our problem-reporting channels. The following devices have 1G memory: iPhone 6 Plus and below, iPad 4 and below, iPad Mini 3 and below, iPad Air and below.


[Overheating Solutions]

If you find that your device is overheating while playing the game, please try the following solutions: After entering the game, tap on your character’s avatar in the top-left corner – Tap Settings, then make sure ECO Mode is switched to “ON”.


[Update Error Issues]

After downloading and entering the game, if you receive an error informing you that the game has failed to update or could not be updated, please ensure that your internet connection is stable and restart the game. You can also try switching to another network and re-entering the game. If you still encounter problems after this, please try using one of our problem-reporting channels to contact us.


[Google Play Download (OBB) Problems]

After downloading and entering the game via Google Play, if you find that you can't enter the game and receive the error message: “Download failed because resources could not be found”, please try deleting the game and downloading it again, and ensure that you have more than 2 GB internal storage space available on your device before downloading.


[Recharge Issues]

If you find that your purchased goods have not arrived in time after recharging in the game, please contact us through our problem-reporting channels.




1. Subscription Price and Period
You can purchase a "Clock of Forgiveness" in-game for $0.99 USD for 30 days. (Prices may be different in different countries due to different tax policies).
2. Subscription Details
Users who purchase a "Clock of Forgiveness" will gain special privileges while it's valid: ① Can roll back to any action during battle (3 times per battle, not available in team mode or PvP battles). ② Stamina consumption upon defeat is reduced by 50%.