Official Version FAQ – Part 2

2019-01-23 00:20:43

For “FAQ – Part 1”, please see previous post:…/a.327247631391…/377527936363944/…

[Why does it still say “Pre-register” on my game icon in the Google Play Store? I can’t download the game!]
A: Due to a caching issue, the game may still be displayed as being in the pre-registration status on the Google Play Store. You can try logging out and re-logging or restarting your device.

[Where can I find my gift codes?]
A: Please go to the old “Pre-registration page” (, and click the button “CHECK YOUR GIFTS” to find your code.
FYI: Please make sure you log into your Facebook account on that page via the Facebook login pop-up (you may need to unblock pop-ups for this page), then check the codes, as these codes are directly linked with your Facebook account.

[Where can I redeem my gift codes?]
1. If you’re using an Android device, you can tap on your character’s avatar in the top-left corner of the world map, then tap “Redeem Code”. Enter your code in the pop-up box!
2. If you’re playing on an iOS device, head to the official redemption website, Select Your Server, copy and paste your in-game "ACCOUNT ID" (IT IS NOT YOUR NAME, IT SHOULD BE NUMBERS on your profile scree - tap your avatar), and tap on Redeem Code (…/2018…/gift_code/index.html). Enter your code in the designated box, then log in into game to claim via in-game mail!

[Where can I get codes?]
A: The official pre-registration website opened one month ago. Many players joined up to get pre-registration codes and recruitment codes, however, these events are now over! There have also been some Facebook events with codes as rewards, and there may be some Facebook events rewarding gift codes from time to time, so make sure you stay tuned for the latest announcements!
FYI: There are no gifts for Google Play and App Store Pre-order due to the platform policies.

[Langrisser Help Service and Feedback Reporting]
Commanders! Thank you so much for supporting Langrisser Mobile! If you ever have any problems during your adventure, you can contact us in the following ways: 
1. In-game Support: Tap on your character’s avatar in the upper left corner – Tap Q&A - Bugs and Feedback – then tap an item on the list corresponding to the type of problem you’d like help with.
2. Official Facebook Page: Follow the Langrisser Mobile Facebook Page, then report your issue through a direct message.
3. Customer Service Email:
You can send your questions via email to our official customer service account.

When reporting an issue, please provide detailed information relating to your problem, including screenshots, so we can solve your problem as quickly as possible.

We hope you enjoy your adventure in Langrisser Mobile!
See you on the battlefield, Commander!