[Week-1 Update] Jan 31st Update Preview

2019-01-29 21:49:50

The battle between light and darkness rages on, and a new generation of heroes has embarked on a journey to save the world from Chaos. As the call of war echoes across the land, the power of the holy sword has awakened once more…

Colossal changes are coming to El Sallia, and on January 31st, you will face your greatest challenge yet!


[New Limited-Time Hero Phantom Dungeon - Demon Blood]

The all-new Hero Phantom dungeon – Demon Blood, will be open for a limited time! Each time you successfully clear a stage, you’ll earn Bond Keepsakes, and the first time you clear each stage, you’ll get loads of Sonya Memory Shards! What’s more, completing Feats will also grant you extra Sonya Memory Shards!


--Event Start Time: January 31st

--Location: Secret Realm – Limited-time Events


[New Class Combinations]

Two new high-level classes to premiere to the world, opening up even more possibilities on the battlefield!


**Lance – Royal Knight

After the coming update, Lance will be able to transfer to the Royal Knight class, a strong Cavalry class that more than makes up for the shortcomings of his current Flier and Cavalry classes. With his newfound versatility, Lance will be able to deal substantial damage against a wider range of classes.

-- Skills:

ATK Command: [Passive] ATK & INT of all allies within 2 blocks increased by 10%.

Charge: [Passive] Before attacking, ATK is increased by 5% for each block moved this turn (up to 15%).

--Soldiers: Heavy Cavalry, Vanguard Lancer


**Sophia – Martyr

After the update, Sophia’s Saint class will be expanded, and she’ll gain the potential to become a Martyr, unlocking the healing skill Holy Word. This also boosts her offensive capabilities, as it allows her to attack and heal at the same time, thus making her a formidable Holy hero.


Holy Word: [MDamage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. Deals extra damage to Demons. After battle, heals ally with the lowest HP (4x caster’s INT).

Battle Aura: [Passive] At the end of this unit’s turn, increases the ATK & INT of an adjacent ally by 15%, and grants immunity to ATK & INT reduction effects and passive skill negation effects. Lasts 1 turn.

--Soldiers: Wizard, Exorcist


[New Gate of Fate Dungeons]

In El Sallia’s endless battle between light and darkness, each hero must write their own epic tale.

--Lance: Dalsis Empire guard captain and Ledin’s fated nemesis. After fighting many battles together, he falls in love with the enemy General Narm, whom he eventually marries.

--Sophia: Guardian of the Lushiris Gate and daughter of the Temple of Light’s Archpriest Fauvel, she is both a Descendant of Light and a Maiden of Light, and holds the power to seal the demon blade, Alhazard.


Lance and Sophia’s Gates of Fate will be unlocked after the update – join them as they challenge

formidable foes in their own exclusive storylines and earn their all-important Memory



--Location: Bonds – Select a Hero – Gate of Fate

--Rewards: Complete challenge stages to earn the corresponding hero's Memory Fragments. Complete a stage with 3 stars and you can sweep it every day!

The continent of El Sallia is ever-changing, Commander! Face the new challenges it holds with sword in hand, and the light in your heart!


*For more optimization details, please see the follow-up post.

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