[Week-3 Update] Feb 14th Update Preview

2019-02-11 07:11:40

The battle between light and darkness rages on, and a new generation of heroes has embarked on a journey to save the world from Chaos. As the call of war echoes across the land, the power of the holy sword has awakened once more…


Colossal changes are coming to El Sallia, and on February 14th, you will face your greatest challenge yet!


  1. New Classes!

The Legion of Glory is expanding yet again, with two new class combinations for the heroes of Langrisser set to create even more strategic possibilities in battle!


Chris -- Princess

After the update, Chris will be able to advance to her second final class, Princess, further boosting ability to enhance the damage and survivability of her team!


  • Unlocked Skills:

Dispel: [Assist] Active skill. Dispels up to 3 debuffs from allies within range. Restores HP equal to 1.5x INT.


  Mass Attack: [Assist] Active skill. ATK & INT of multiple troops within range increase by 20%. Grants immunity to ATK & INT reduction and active skill negation. Lasts 2 turns.


  • Unlocked Soldiers: Bishop, High Elf


  Kirikaze -- Shadow

After the update, you’ll be able to pick up Kirikaze’s second final class, Shadow, and push the mysterious swordsman’s damage to the limit! However, such extreme power comes at the cost of a certain degree of survivability.


  • Unlocked Skills:

 Backstab: [Physical Damage] Ignores Guard and attacks enemy hero directly, dealing 1.2x damage. Increases Crit by 20%.


  Deathmatch: [Passive] When entering battle, Troop ATK & SKILL increase by 12%, but DEF & MDEF decrease by 7%.


  • Unlocked Soldiers: Bandit, Dark Elf Sniper


  1. New Gate of Fate Stages!

Each time darkness and light clash on the continent of El Sallia, unforgettable heroes are called upon to face their destiny and shape the fate of the world forever…


- Chris: A pure and holy maiden, Chris is a little rough around the edges, but eager to explore all the world has to offer. She serves the Goddess faithfully, and strives to spread the gospel throughout the world through her glorious power.


- Kirikaze: A dual-wielding swordsman possessing amazing skill and speed, Kirikaze crossed the ocean to reach El Sallia, bearing the hatred of his nation and tasked with tracking down the Demon Tribe's mysterious mastermind.


After the update, you’ll be able to delve into the exclusive stories of Chris and Kirikaze! Challenge their Gates of Fate with them to earn Memory Shards and lots of other great rewards!


- Location: Bonds – Tap a Hero – Gate of Fate


- Rewards: Challenge stages to earn Memory Shards! Don’t forget, you can sweep Gate of Fate stages every day!


  1. New Time Rift Stages!


- Time Rift Chapter 8 has arrived! Journey back to Langrisser I and join Chris and Ledin as they prepare to face the forces of darkness in their final battle!


The continent of El Sallia is ever-changing, Commander! Face the new challenges it holds with sword in hand, and the light in your heart!


*For more optimization details, please see the follow-up post.