Langrisser July 11th Update Preview

2019-07-08 06:27:07

As the war between light and darkness rages on, the Swordsmith Legion continues on its quest to recast the holy sword, summoning legendary heroes from past eras along the way...


On July 11th Langrisser's sixth major content update,Trails in Time SC, will arrive on the shores of El Sallia. This update will introduce a huge amount of new content to the game, including new SSR heroes, so after the maintenance on July 11th, you'll need to head to the App Store or Google Play Store, search for Langrisser, and tap “Update” to get the newest version of the game. Once the maintenance is complete, each Commander will receive 5 Trinity Vouchers as compensation!


A new era is dawning in El Sallia… On July 11th, will you be prepared to accept Langrisser's newest challenge?


[Maintenance Contents]

[New Heroes - Rise of the Enforcers]

The time rift has yet to subside, and a mighty power has twisted space... The Grandmaster's agents are heading to El Sallia!


Leonhardt (SSR): Enforcer No.II of Uroboros. Silent and taciturn in nature, he is known as the “Bladelord” because of his overwhelming swordsmanship and fighting prowess.


Renne (SSR): Enforcer No.XV of Uroboros, codenamed the “Angel of Death”. A quirky girl possessing maturity and wisdom far beyond her age. With a huge sickle that is totally out of line with her size, she can ruthlessly wipe out her enemies with a smile on her face.


[New Challenge - Trails in Time SC]

A chance encounter with a distant world brings new friendships and new threats...


A dark conspiracy lies hidden under a wicked smile, and the shadow of Uroboros looms over the continent of El Sallia!


During the event period, defeating enemies in the Secret Realm’s [Trails in Time SC] dungeon will grant special items which can be exchanged for fantastic rewards! The ultimate rewards for this event are the SR Hero [Olivier] and the [Dimension Door] limited-edition avatar frame!


--Location: Secret Realm - Limited-Time Event - Trails in Time SC


-- Event Time: July 11 06:00 AM - July 31 23:59 PM


Olivier (SR): The Prince of the Erebonian Empire, who claims to be a wandering poet. An accomplished musician, his personality is as extravagant as his appearance.


*Special Information: You can only obtain the hero Olivier by completing the [Trails in Time SC] event dungeon -- he cannot be obtained through hero summoning!


[New Storyline - Fight on, Swordsmith Legion!]

The story of the Swordsmith Legion continues! Bozel has completed the five Bloodmarks to revive Alhazard! The Swordsmiths have failed to stop Bozel's master plan, and Zerida has become the incarnation of the demon blade. Shapeshifter Feraquea, Deathcaller Grove, and Hellspawn Rag prepare to do all they can to stop our heroes. Velzeria lies ahead, a ray of light shining in the darkness before dawn...


[Other Updates and Optimizations]

[New Content]


1. [Secret Realm Store] New special equipment for Altemuller and Sonya!


2. Love Confessions for the following heroes will be unlocked:


--SSR Heroes: Shelfaniel and Zerida


--SR Heroes: Freya


3. New Avatar Frames: Uroboros (Obtained from the Echo of Light Event), Dimension Door (Obtained from the Trails in Time SC event).


4. The Guild Battle function has been optimized. After successfully dominating a stronghold, challenging a dominated stage will still grant Personal Points. Guild Leaders and Deputy Leaders can end challenges manually toclaim corresponding rewards.