Langrisser August 1st Update Preview

2019-07-30 21:07:55

The battle between light and darkness rages on, and a new generation of heroes has embarked on a journey to save the world from Chaos. As the call of war echoes across the land, the power of the holy sword has awakened once more…


Changes are coming to El Sallia! On August 1st, get ready to face an all-new challenge!


[Maintenance Contents]

[New Class - Liffany]

Magic maiden Liffany has an all-new class, unlocking countless new strategic possibilities in battle! After the update, you'll be able to upgrade Liffany's Summoner class to “Hermit”!


[New Gate of Fate - Liffany]

A magical girl with a heart full of love, she strives to keep civilians safe from the cruel flames of war. The power that awakens within her opens up new possibilities in her fight for justice...


After the update, Liffany's Gate of Fate will open! Walk in the footsteps on the "Progenitor of Modern Magic” and explore the path fate has set before her!