August 15th Maintenance Notice

2019-08-15 21:40:18

Langrisser Mobile will undergo an maintenance at August 15th on 01:00 (CDT). The maintenance process is expected to last for 60 minutes, during which, commanders will not be able log into the game. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause! After the maintenance is completed, you'll be able to enter the game and continue your glorious adventure!

[Maintenance Time] 01:00-02:00 (CDT)
[Affected Servers] All Servers
[Maintenance Compensation]
After the maintenance is completed, 3 Advanced Crafter's Hammers and 50,000 Gold will be sent to your in-game mailbox. Please don't forget to check your mail!
[Maintenance Contents]
[New Class - Egbert]
The magical talents of the dark sorcerer Egbert are ready to reach all-new heights! What new powers lie hidden beneath his blood-red hood?
With his new class comes a selection of new spells and summoning skills -- after the update, Egbert's Summoner class path will be extended with the ultimate class -- Hermit!
-- Skills:
Lightning Strike: [Magic Damage] Attacks a single enemy, dealing 1.5x damage. Deals additional damage to Cavalry.
Summon Flaming Bone Archer: [Summon] Summons a Flaming Bone Archer.
-- Soldiers: Dark Elf Sniper, Guardian Infantry
Limited-time Summon 
New Limited-time Summon - Legendary Rebirth
Through the whirling vortex of the Time Rift, Sigma and Lambda, the protagonists of Langrisser V, will be ready to join the battle, ushering in a new chapter in El Sallia's history! After the update, you'll have an increased chance of summoning Sigma and Lambda in the Legendary Rebirth limited-time summoning event!
-- Event Time: August 8th 06:00 AM - August 21 23:59 PM (CDT)
 Echo of Light 
New Event - Echo of Light
Darkness has once again shrouded El Sallia, and only faith in the Goddess of Light can ignite hope among the people of the world!
During the event period, if your total recharge amount reaches the specified amount, you can get the limited-edition skins Prince of Pop (Sigma) and Electro Idol (Lambda)!
Event Time: August 8th 06:00 AM - September 4th 23:59 PM (CDT)