August 22nd Maintenance Notice

2019-08-21 19:38:19

Langrisser Mobile will undergo an maintenance at August 22nd on 01:00 (CDT). The maintenance process is expected to last for 60 minutes, during which, commanders will not be able log into the game. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause! After the maintenance is completed, you'll be able to enter the game and continue your glorious adventure!


[Maintenance Time] 01:00-02:00 (CDT)

[Affected Servers] All Servers

[Maintenance Compensation]

After the maintenance is completed, 3 Advanced Crafter's Hammers and 50,000 Gold will be sent to your in-game mailbox. Please don't forget to check your mail!


[Maintenance Contents]

[Alhazard's Aftermath Arrival]

The aftermath of Alhazard's resurrection shook the whole continent, and El Sallia has undergone monumental changes... Wield the sword in your hand, and ignite the light of hope in people's hearts again!


1. Alhazard's Aftermath Arrival


Commanders who have completed Chapter 35 of the main story will gain access to a special event on the world map.


➤ Event Time: August 22nd 06:00 AM - September 11th 23:59 PM


2. Alhazard's Aftermath Exchange


During the event, the special event [Evil Sword Echo] will be available on the world map. Complete random events and this special event to gather [Alhazard's Aftermath]! Alhazard's Aftermath can be exchanged for Bursting Heart Keys, Trinity Vouchers, Rune Stones, and other amazing rewards!


➤ Event Time: August 22nd 06:00 AM - September 11th 23:59 PM