Player's Lv.55 Eternal Temple Strategy-barumunk

2019-05-07 04:38:36

This is my strategy for almost all Eternal Temple days:


Make sure to bring 1 healer, 2 tanky DPS, 1 mage/debuffer, and any other hero you want.



Valkyrie - Monday & Thursday:

This one is a little tricky because you don't want to use any ranged DPS, so you'd better be sure to bring a Cavalry, Lancer, and Infantry -- my personal choices are Matthew Strike Master, Bernhardt Emperor, Elwin Grand Marshal, and Tiaris and Almeda.

The idea is to use Almeda's talent to deal one debuff every turn to the boss (less ATK, less DMG dealt, more DMG taken), now the tricky part is to attack in order and benefit from the Valkyrie's passive. First, I start with Bernhardt, because of Hegemony's DEF, and secondly, I hit with Matthew, and thirdly I attack with Elwin to get the maximum DMG!

After attacking with the 3 of them, I hit Valkyrie with Tiaris to "reset" the boss's type and make sure no one is killed. On the next turn, I make everyone retreat to the water (I think it is water, hehe) to get them full healed and repeat. Valkyrie will be defeated after a few turns :3!

Try to keep Almeda in the water to gain the 80% DMG reduction effect.



Leviar - Tuesday & Friday:

This one should be easy if you have your Mages/Archers well-geared. For this one, you shouldn't bring any melee DPS because Leviar's DMG taken from melee attacks is reduced by a ton! Try to bring 2 Mages and 1 Archer, or 3 Mages if you like, and 1 healer, and 1 off-healer.

My personal choices for Leviar are Bozel, Lana, and Shelfaniel as Mage DPS, Tiaris as main Healer, and Chris as off-healer.

The trick is to attack Leviar almost every turn, BUT watch out for Leviar's talent... He doesn't block the heals of your units... he turns heals into a deadly poison for your heroes ☹, so make sure to check the buffs and debuffs of your heroes. If they have the deadly poison effect, you'd better move them out of the danger zone and heal them after they end their turn.

That is the strategy for this boss -- it's easy but one heal on one of your poisoned heroes means certain doom! x.x.



Scylla - Wednesday & Saturday:

Maybe this is the most interesting boss, for me at least... First of all my personal choice of units.

1 tanky melee DPS, 1 Flier DPS, 1 ranged DPS, 1 Mage, 1 healer. Almost one of everything hehe, but trust me... this works hehe.

What you want to do here is to deal as much damage as possible, but Scylla isn't as delicate as you might expect, and she have some friends that can be summoned every 3 turns, and they love her so much they are ready take you down anytime.

First things first, you want to keep your tanky melee DPS inside. I tend to use Elwin Grand Marshal -- he's going to keep the aggro of the boss all time as long as he keeps in front of her (try to keep him healed). The boss is going to summon her friends. She can summon 2 types of monster. One is a pseudo tank that can take physical OR magical attacks, so try to check him and use your ranged DPS or Mage depending on the buff he uses. The second monster is one that can summon another little friend lol, so this is the best moment to use Cherie to beat those monsters ASAP! Try to be careful of the cooldown on the boss's AoE, or you're going to get kicked out of the party, hehe ❤️...



Phoenix - Sunday:

The most entertaining boss for me ❤️, this is the boss where I can see my Elwin deal ton of DMG to an enemy.

My personal unit choices are 2 tanky DPS (if they have the SR boots to move 4 blocks, all the better), 2 Cavalry units, and 1 healer.

That is my personal choice, but the correct way is to use one tank instead of 2 tanky DPS.

What I do to send this phoenix flying is keep my tanky DPS dealing DMG for 2 turns. After those turns, I make him retreat, and the tank too. The boss applies a debuff on your attacker that make them take 100% more physical DMG, and that means a TON of DMG! But the good thing is that you deal 50% more, so as long as your tank keeps Guard up, your DPS will be safe.

The Cavalry's role is important here -- this phoenix isn't alone, and some friends of his are going to help him and heal so he can focus on attacking, but they are going to be far from him, so you have to move your cavalry and take them down ASAP. They are going to be spawning at the corners, so it's better if your Cavalry move fast or they are going to heal the phoenix for 20% of its HP and the phoenix has a lovely 500k HP at Lv.l55, so be sure to kill them fast...  or you won't survive, hehe.


These are my strategies for all Eternal Temple Bosses! I hope everything was well explained and written, hehe! I don't speak English, so sorry for my grammar, hehe. Thx Zlongame mates :3 !