Player's Lv.55 Eternal Temple Strategy-Knusperkeks13

2019-05-07 04:39:04


She will repeat a very specific pattern of 4 moves in that order until the end of the fight. The pattern is unique to every time you enter the map, but once a pattern is established, she will keep on doing it until the end of the battle.

Ledin is not very useful here.


Possibilities for actions:

1.) "Summon Leviathan" that guards her. The Leviathan has two different guard abilities, they each give +50% DEF/MDEF and guard against physical/magic damage respectively. The Leviathan has around 800 DEF/MDEF, and with the buff it reaches 1,200 in a single category, with around 16k HP. This is why you need to bring at least 1 Mage, like Hein. Chris can also work.

2.) "Oceanic Horror" Huge damage nuke, make sure everybody is at full health. It deals around 10-12k damage to Elwin depending on equipment. If somebody is on low health, they will be killed by it. Otherwise, if all team members are at a decent level of HP, it will prioritize Elwin/Cherie.

3.) "Spawn" summons an enemy which directly after spawning uses "Respawn" to spawn a second, easy to kill enemy that immediately uses a tentacle attack (the one squids use) to pull a squishy target, like a Mage, or healer.

The first spawn has around 25k HP and 800 DEF/MDEF, and the second spawn has around 6k HP and 250 DEF/MDEF

4.) Regular melee attack.

Generally speaking, Scylla prefers to target Infantry, then Fliers, then everybody else.

This means you can put your healer right next to Scylla and she'll still target Elwin or Cherie, for example.


Make sure that you are not in range of Poseidon's Curse. You can check when Poseidon's Curse is cast by tapping on Scylla. She has a debuff that, when it runs out, means that Poseidon's Curse will be cast and nuke you for a lot of damage.

I recommend having all your characters 4 tiles away from Scylla when she casts Poseidon's Curse to avoid taking damage. The 4-range distance is for when she spawns a Leviathan/Spawns Tentacles which is 1 tile towards you, which then deals "Raging Waters" damage to everybody within 2 tiles of that enemy as an AoE attack. In theory, if you know there will be no Leviathan/Tentacles during that turn, you can stay 3 tiles away, but I didn't try this myself, so if things go wrong, don't blame me.

Lastly, avoid debuffing Scylla as much as possible. She gains +8% to all stats with each debuff. That means with Attack and Defense debuffs, you will reduce her Attack and Defense by 4% in total, which is worth it, but random debuffs like "disable passive skills" from the Peacekeeper weapon or Elwin's Detect skill will make Scylla reach unsurvivable levels of ATK that make her one-shot people with the Oceanic Horror ability.


In-game ID: 1127497505409926578

In-game Nickname: Knusperkeks13

Server: Baldea