Player's Lv.55 Eternal Temple Strategy-ivy123

2019-05-07 04:39:26



Recommended Heroes and Classes: First of all, select 1 or 2 healers from the dominant faction, a hero with the ability to dispel the enemy’s buffs (such as Elwin with his Soul Sword skill, Chris with Retribution, Kirikaze’s Roar, etc.), and fill the rest of the team with damage dealers.


Boss Strategy:

1. On the first, fifth, ninth, and thirteenth rounds, the boss will cast a passive AoE skill, attacking targets within 3 blocks. This damage is very high, so you should stay at least 4 blocks away on these rounds. If the boss’s minions are still present, they will also deal damage within a 3-block range, so make sure you get rid of them before the boss uses this attack.


2. There are two kinds of Leviathan guards, guarding against either magic or physical attacks, respectively. After checking which type the Leviathan is, use a buff-dispelling skill, or attack it with a unit with an advantage over it (use physical attackers to take down magic Leviathans and magic attacks to take down physical Leviathans).


3. Try your best to avoid using too many debuffs, as every debuff on the boss will increase its attributes. You can use DEF or MDEF reduction effects on the boss according to the main damage type of your lineup.




Recommended Heroes and Classes: Prioritize heroes of the dominant faction, including high-damage melee units such as a Cavalry unit with the ability to move again, an Infantry unit, a Lancer unit, and a Flier unit.


Boss Strategy:


  1. This battle is easier if you have a strong Cavalry unit or Spirit Boots (allows you to move another 2 blocks after taking action), so you can retreat to the healing point after attacking and avoid taking AoE damage. Bring Liana and Sophia with Move Again and Rewind to deal high damage.


  1. The basic pattern is attack one round, then rest for one round, take AoE damage for one round, then heal up for one round. Use class priority to deal more damage. Infantry – Cavalry – Flier – Lancer (Cavalry can return to the healing point to avoid damage, Lancers are tanky, try to make them attack last. The remainder of your attack order can be selected according to your lineup. Select skills and items that reduce defense (SSR Wind Cutter Dagger, Elwin’s passive skill DEF Break, etc.).




Recommended Heroes and Classes: Prioritize heroes of the dominant faction, and also prioritize Lana (MDEF Intimidate, Dark Reaper), Bozel (Dark Waltz, Dark Reaper), and then Shelfaniel (MDEF Break) and Egbert (Dark Reaper). You can also consider options such as Bow Master Luna with her high MDEF.


Boss Strategy:

  1. The boss is strong against active melee attacks, but takes high damage from counterattacks, so you can use high-damage melee damage counter-attackers such as Cherie and Altemuller.


  1. Heroes who have been marked should not attack the boss. This battle is only six rounds, so you can choose to bring Sofia with her Rewind skill to allow your main force to deal damage more frequently.



  1. If you’re having trouble surviving, bring a healer. Don’t use Liana’s Prayer. Mass Heal can be used to heal ranged attackers without entering the boss’s attack range, and Almeda's talent is also a good choice.




Recommended Heroes and Classes: Prioritize heroes of the dominant faction. It is recommended that you use highly mobile units, with the strongest armor and helmets as possible, with 1 to 2 healers.


Boss Strategy:

  1. The boss has two defense reduction skills. It will inflict 1 stack of its MDEF reduction effect when dealing damage to you and will inflict a stack of its DEF reduction effect whenever it actively attacks you. One stack is inflicted at random upon targets in its AoE range. Its MDEF reduction effect also increases ATK, improving damage dealt, and its DEF reduction effect can be deadly. Upon gaining 2-3 stacks, you won’t be able to survive its damage. Keep an eye on who has the DEF reduction effect and choose your counter-attacker accordingly. You may find that you need advanced or upgraded equipment here. As long as your units can take two stacks of DEF reduction and survive the boss’s active attack damage + AoE, this fight will be very easy for you. Move units with three stacks of DEF reduction far away from boss, and leave those with less than 3 stacks to take damage.


  1. Kill the minions quickly so that they cannot heal the boss.