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2019-05-14 05:00:00

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[Points System Details]

★  How do I get points?

You can get points according to the type of strategy guide content you submit.

If your content is selected for publishing by our official staff, you will earn an additional 5 points.

★  How many points can I get per month?

You will receive your points in two parts each month: Strategy Submission Points + Published Strategy Points+ Additional YouTube View Points.

You can get up to 6 Strategy Submission Points per month. There's no limit to how many Published Strategy Points you can obtain each month.

Publishing an original video on YouTube that reaches 500 views within 30 days of uploading will grant you an additional 3 points. Each player can obtain up to 6 points per month via this method.

  How do I check my current points?

We will review your submissions within 5 working days of having received them (except for on special holidays). After submissions are approved, point rankings will be published via the Strategy Squad Discord server on an irregular basis.

The publishing schedule for selected submissions will be announced on Discord, and points will be updated accordingly. We will record and maintain records of all player points, and you will be able to view your points via the Discord server.




1.Players who earn points in strategy sharing events will obtain that month’s points x 100 Trinity Crystals within the first 5 working days of the following month. (For example, if you earned 10 points this month, you will receive 10 points x 100 Trinity Crystals = 1,000 Trinity Crystals in the next month). Rewards will be sent to you via in-game mail.


2.Points can be accumulated and exchanged for goods or in-game item rewards.▼




  Exchange rewards do not conflict with your initial Trinity Crystal reward.
After exchanging points for rewards, the corresponding points will be deducted and officially recorded.

  Point exchanges and inquiries can be made by contacting Strategy Squad Discord server administrators at any time.

  Game item rewards will be distributed every Friday.

  Physical rewards can only be sent out to players within deliverable regions. Specific dispatch details will be confirmed after address confirmation.

  You can choose which figurine you want, but the actual figurine delivered may be subject to change based on remaining inventory. In the event that your selection is unavailable, you will be notified in advance.

  The above rules may be adjusted according to ensuing conditions. ZLONGAME holds the final right of interpretation for all event rules.


Note: From time to time, various special point events will be held for all Strategy Squad members!


[Special Notes]


1.The language of all submitted works should be fluent, appropriate for viewers/readers, and based around game content. Players are entitled to share their own relevant opinions within the bounds of suitability for viewers/readers.

2.10 Commanders will be selected to join the Strategy Squad this time. After entering the server, please tap “[Your in-game name]_server name” to change your nick name. If you are not selected, don’t worry! We will open more places in the future!

3.By submitting your strategy content, players agree for their work to be published and distributed by administrators. When officially published, some content may be adjusted or deleted according to publishing requirements, but we will never change the core content you wish to express.

4.When publishing or using submitted works, the original creator will be credited.

5.Content will be reviewed by administrators and plagiarism will not be accepted. After reviewing content, feedback will be provided within 5 working days of submission (except for on special holidays).

6.When submitting a particularly large video file, you can send a preview version after compressing it for our review, and leave your contact information in your email to facilitate the subsequent sending of the full version.

7.In order to ensure creative freedom for all commanders, there is no time limit for the submission of daily works outside of event periods. The more strategy content you submit, the more points you’ll get. If you do not contribute anything within two months, you will be informed of the revocation of your membership, and then your membership status will have to be re-examined before you can return to the squad.




1.Monthly contributions are counted as contributions for that specific month, for example, contributions from March 1 to March 31 are considered contributions for the month of March. Trinity Crystal rewards will be sent within the first 5 working days of each month. Rewards will be sent directly to your in-game mailbox.

2.If you change your in-game nickname, please contact a Discord administrator in time and modify your Discord nickname.

3.The right of final interpretation for this event belongs to ZLONGAME and its Langrisser representatives.