2021-12-06 05:04:29

As Langrisser Mobile’s third anniversary approaches, we feel deeply privileged to have enjoyed this special time with Langrisser and its amazing players.

To celebrate how far we’ve come together, and what’s in store for the future of all things Langrisser, we’re hosting a fan art contest for the Langrisser community!


We’re asking you to create an illustration that features at least one playable character from Langrisser Mobile.



Submit your entry to via email with your in-game Name, Server and 19-Digit Account Number included, and make sure to include "LANGRISSER FAN ART CONTEST" in your email subject.


*Potential winners will be contacted via the same email used for submission, so please make sure it’s working normally and monitor it closely after the contest.

The submission deadline for all entries is Dec 26th 2021, 23:59 CST.




Phase 1: Official Review

Time: Dec 27th 2021 to Dec 30th 2021, 23:59 CST

All submissions will first be reviewed by official staff. The Legion of Glory will select all “Participation Reward“ winners from all entries based on completeness, and a number of noteworthy submissions from the “Participation Reward“ winners based on completeness, creativity, and visual appeal.


Phase 2: Community Vote

Time: Dec 31th 2021 to Jan 5th 2022, 12:00 CST

After Phase 1, The Legion of Glory will post all noteworthy submissions on our social media accounts and initiate a vote. All Commanders will be able to vote for the champion while enjoying all of the selected masterpieces!


Winners will be announced and posted on or before Jan 13th 2022, 23:59 CST.



Please read the following carefully along with the general info below:


Challenge Rules: Playable characters refers to heroes you can build and level up. Soldiers and non-playable characters from the storyline are not counted, but they can feature in your illustration.


It Takes All Types: Entries can be digital or hand-drawn.


Well-made Work: Please try your best to focus on quality. Hastily-made artwork and doodles will not be taken into consideration for rewards! (An example of a Participation Reward entry can be seen below).

Original Work: Artwork submitted to this contest must be originally made for this contest.


Sign Your Work and No Watermarks: All entries MUST include your in-game Name and Server integrated into the upper right hand corner of your artwork!


English Please: All entries with text must be in English.


Size Matters: We’ve got all sorts of gadgets that can compress and unzip things, but for this contest, let’s keep entries to a maximum of 10 MB.


Keep It Clean: Sexy waifus might be popular with many Commanders, but for the equal enjoyment of all Langrisser fans, these illustrations need to be age-appropriate for the youngest Commanders among us.


No Photos or Screenshots: Cosplay and live-action photos are intriguing, but for this contest, photographic submissions or screenshot based “illustrations” will be disqualified.


Grant of Rights in Entry: By submitting the entry, each entrant grants Zlongame a license to use and distribute the Entry for any purposes in connection to the Contest and the Zlongame’s advertising endeavors.