Langrisser Fan Art Contest – Gallery

2022-01-12 04:08:24

The community submitted over 100 entries of all varieties to the first Langrisser Fan Art Contest! We’ve been blown away by your creativity, passion, and hard work for Langrisser, which have enabled us to make this competition happen.

Now, all stages of the contest have concluded! We are thrilled to announce the champion of our 1st Langrisser Fan Art Contest!

This momentous honor belongs to Autumn Sacura, from the Lushiris Gate server, who will be bringing home the Exclusive Langrisser Official Art Book! She has been a fan of Langrisser/Growlanser games since her early childhood. This achievement shows how hard work, dedication, and passion truly pays off!

With great pleasure and honor, we would like to exhibit all "Noteworthy Reward" entries here! Hope you enjoy all the Langrisser masterpieces, Commanders!


Autumn Sacura from Lushiris Gate - Sissi White takes Tiaris and Alustriel shopping (12.83%)


KY from Cellier Lake – Freya (11.81%)


Isturitz from Ancient Ruin - Rozenciel&Clotaire (10.63%)


SilverMoon from Salrath (8.11%)


Autumn Sacura from Lushiris Gate - Wiler as Yang Wenli and Lanford as Reinhard (8.11%)


DUKE from Riguler - Baldea Sniper Narm (7.87%)


JisusKrist from Floating City - Popstar Idols (7.87%)


Faezer from Crossroads – Skoonk (6.93%)


Ferakia from Rayguard (5.20%)


Sudama from Dalsis – Patsyr (5.04%)


Tonto from Lushiris Gate (4.33%)


Sess from Dalsis - Langrisser Anniversary Concert (4.17%)


Helacin from Elis City – Warsong (2.60%)


LightElf from Salrath - Liana & Her Twin Sister (2.44%)


Mage Lord from Dark Cave (2.05%)