Langrisser PC Client Download & Installation FAQ

2019-03-15 01:40:24


>>>Please click here to download<<<

Version: 1.1.0

Update Time: 2019/3/11

Size: 1.09 GB

MD5: 77CAB7910B252D215A72E8379295C1C4

Important Info: Does not support Windows XP.


Required Components


If your PC Client does not work, try installing the following components.





Dev C++



PC Client FAQ


Q: What are the minimum requirements for running the PC Client?

A: System: Does not support Windows XP. It is recommended that you use Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 64-bit.

RAM: 3GB or above

Hard Disk Space: 2GB and above


Q: Security risk warnings keep appearing when I try to install the client!

A: We recommend that you turn off your anti-virus software and Windows Firewall before installing the PC Client. This software is safe, so please feel free to download it without worry. Make sure you only download and install the client from our official website. Please do not use any download links provided by unofficial websites.

Q: I receive a runtime error message when installing the client!

The files innohttp.dll, IsChineseStr.dll, and descctrl.dll are required to install the PC Client package. Please turn off your anti-virus software and firewall and then try installing the client again.


Q: I’ve downloaded the client, but it won’t install properly!

A: You can verify the client’s integrity using MD5 verification software.


How to Check Client MD5 Checksum:

  1. Download MD5 Verification Software

2) Drag and drop the PC Client installation package onto the MD5 verification software.

3) Compare your installation file’s resulting MD5 checksum with the MD5 above and verify whether they match.

4) If the MD5 checksum does not match, download the client again.

5) If the MD5 is consistent but the client cannot be installed, turn off your antivirus software (or Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, etc.) and try again.


Q: I have installed the client properly, but I still can’t enter the game! Even after repairing the game, I still can’t enter!

A: This problem may be due to a conflict between your anti-virus software and the game. You can try shutting down all of your anti-virus software and security software temporarily before trying to enter the game.


Q: I’ve installed the game, but it won’t run! What should I do?

A: The latest version of DirectX and Visual C++ components must be installed to run the game, and it is recommended that you update your graphics card driver to the latest version. If these components are not installed on your commuter, please download them via the links provided above.

Q: Which login platforms does the PC Client support?

A: At present, you can log into the PC Client using your Facebook account, Twitter account, or Google account (Android only).


Q: Can I make cash purchases in the PC Client?

A: The PC Client does not support purchases at present. If you wish to purchase something in the game, please do so in the mobile version.