Your Pre-registration Event Rewards Are Here!

2019-01-20 20:22:43

Langrisser Mobile will be officially available for download on January 22nd, and thanks to your participation and tireless recruitment efforts, we’ve managed to reach over half a million Commanders on the official pre-registration website! You know what that means… Each Commander will receive the maximum pre-registration rewards! Pre-registration rewards will be sent out along with our official Facebook fanpage Like & Share event rewards!


Here’s everything you need to know about claiming your pre-registration rewards:

  1. All Commanders can claim maximum pre-registration and Like & Share event rewards of 10 Trinity Vouchers (x4 from Milestone Event + x3 from Share Event + x3 from Like Challenge Event –we haven't quite reached 95,000 likes, but we're happy to include this as a thank-you for all of your unwavering support!), 50,000 Gold, 1 Random SR Equipment item, and an exclusive 500,000 Pre-registered Commanders Infantry Skin!
  2. Apart from your exclusive gift code, the rest of your rewards can be collected by tapping on the event interface in the game. Rewards are divided into seven days and can be claimed each day as part of a “Commanders United” Event (seven-day login).
    Please make sure you LOG IN at least 7 DAYS to get your rewards!

Day 1: 2 Trinity Vouchers and a 500,000 Pre-registered Commanders Infantry Skin!

Day 2: 2 Trinity Vouchers and a Random SR Equipment Pack!

Day 3: 2 Trinity Vouchers and 50,000 Gold!

Day 4: 1 Trinity Voucher!

Day 5: 1 Trinity Voucher!

Day 6: 1 Trinity Voucher!

Day 7: 1 Trinity Voucher!

  1. You can claim your rewards from 10:00 AM on January 22nd (CST) to 23:59 PM on February 21st (CST). Please make sure you receive your rewards in time!


Pre-registration and Invitation Gift Code Redeeming Info

  1. If you’re using an Android device, you can tap on your character’s avatar in the top-left corner of the world map, then tap Redeem Code. Enter your code in the pop-up box!
  2. If you’re playing on an iOS device, head to the official website and tap on Redeem Code. Enter your code in the designated box, then log in into game to claim via in-game mail!


We hope you have fun in Langrisser Mobile, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!