In-game Launch Events

2019-01-22 06:52:10

Event 1. Limited-time Summon: Elwin vs. Leon


Who’s the bravest? Increased chance to summon Elwin and Leon!


The strongest knight on the continent, unparalleled in known history. As leader of the Blue Dragon Knights, he gallops across the Kalxath Plains undefeated.


The epitome of wisdom and courage, he traveled the world from a young age, sword in hand, and formed the legendary Legion of Glory with his companions.

During the event period, you’ll have an increased chance of summoning these legendary heroes from the rift!


Limited-time Summon 1: The Empire's Hope – Increased chance to summon Leon and Bernhardt!

Limited-time Summon 2: Departing Braves -- Increased chance to summon Elwin and Cherie!


Event 2. Path of Light: Fulfill Your Destiny and Summon SSR Hero Cherie!


Cherie is back! Complete the Path of Light missions for the ultimate reward, SSR Hero Cherie! 


Cherie is a mischievous princess who grows tired of her boring life in the palace, often slipping out of the imperial city in search of adventure. Little does she know, she is in fact a Descendant of Light, tasked with a divine mission that will change the fate of the world! Complete the Path of Light and her holy power will be at your command!



Path of Light missions unlock at level 5! You can enter the event interface by tapping "Path of Light" at the top of the world map interface!



Event 3. Adventurer's Path: Daily Login


Log in every day to get heaps of rewards!


Loyal Commanders, the continent of El Sallia is a land where countless heroes have fought bravely throughout the ages. The journey ahead won’t be easy, and your courage and perseverance will be crucial in bringing peace to this troubled land! These gifts are in recognition of your dedication – they’re sure to give you just what you need to get your adventure off to the right start!


During the event period, log into the game to receive fantastic daily rewards, including Trinity Vouchers and advanced equipment!




Event 4. Battle of Honor: Level-Up Rewards!


Upgrade your team to get legendary rewards!


The war between light and darkness may have been forgotten by most in the land of El Sallia, but as a noble commander, touched by the hand of fate, it is up to you to heed the call of the heavens. An ancient power flows through your veins – a divine purpose is engraved upon your very soul. So, what are you waiting for? Seize your destiny!


During the event period, you will receive generous rewards such as Rune Stones, Trinity Crystals, and advanced equipment when reaching the specified levels!