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Updated on 2019.03.18

【Dungeons】 Stolen Treasure

2019-01-02 03:54:06

Gold is one of the most basic and important currencies in Langrisser. Whether you’re transferring classes, forging equipment, or using one of the game’s many other functions, you’ll probably need to spend some Gold, and that of course means you’ll need a fast way to gather as much Gold as you can for all your various needs. That’s where the Stolen Treasure dungeon comes in! All you need to do is defeat as many goblin thieves as you can and troves of Gold will be yours for the taking!


[Dungeon Requirements]

After you clear Chapter XIII of the main story, you can enter the Stolen Treasure dungeon though the Secret Realm interface. Each challenge requires a key and 20 Stamina. 


[Dungeon Objective]

 The goblins in this dungeon will not attack you, but will instead try to reach the edge of the map and escape. You need to beat them before they get away!

As your Commander Level increases, higher level versions of this dungeon will become available. The higher the dungeon level, the more Gold the goblins will drop!


[Obtaining Keys]

You can get keys from the daily mission “Did Someone Say Goblins?” and can possess up to 3 keys at any one time. We recommend you use them as soon as you get them in order to prevent them from piling up! 


Stolen Treasure is the best and most reliable way to get Gold in the game! Don't forget to take down those goblin thieves as often as you can!