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Updated on 2019.03.18

【Dungeons】 Bonding Realm

2019-01-02 03:55:33

In Langrisser Mobile, the Bond system allows you to establish deep friendships with your many heroes, and it is also one of the most important ways of continuously enhancing the strength of your heroes and soldiers.


The quickest way to improve your bonds is to give your heroes gifts. As your intimacy increases, you can unlock and explore Bond Powers, as well as other exciting content! You can consume Bond enhancing items to raise your Bond Power and enhance the basic attributes of your heroes and their soldiers, so if you want to rapidly enhance Bond Power, sending gifts to your heroes and using Bond-strengthening items is of the utmost importance!


You can obtain loads of hero gifts and Bond items in Bond Realm dungeons.


[Dungeon Requirements]

After you clear Chapter XIV of the main story, you can enter the dungeon through the Secret Realm interface. Each challenge requires 20 Stamina. Subsequent stages will be unlocked once you reach certain levels. 


[Unlocking Dungeon Stages]

Differently-themed Bond Realm dungeons will become available every day of the week, totaling at seven different themes per week. These dungeons will reward you with the favorite gifts of different heroes and Bond-strengthening items.


[Daily Rewards]

You’ll receive bonus hero gifts and Bond-strengthening items the first time you clear each Bond Realm dungeon every day! Remember to challenge each dungeon daily to pick up your bonus items!


[Team Challenge]

You can team up with up to two friends or any other Commanders to challenge Bond Realm dungeons. Team challenges consume less Stamina than solo challenges and you can get even more rewards!


You’ll get bonus team rewards when the team members are your friends, and you and your friends will all receive 5 Friendship Points, up to 20 times per day.


The Bond Realm is the best way to get hero gifts and Bond-strengthening items. Form a team with your friends every day to take them on and watch your heroes’ power soar!