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Updated on 2019.03.18

【Dungeons】 Angelica's Special Training School

2019-01-02 03:56:31

Hero Level is one of the most important indicators of a hero’s power in Langrisser Mobile, and in addition to the experience heroes gain through combat, you can use EXP Potions of different qualities to level them up in next to no time!


In order to help each Commander level up their heroes as quickly as possible, Angelica has meticulously designed a special training school for you all! If you take on the training robots in her special training stages and emerge victorious, she’ll reward you with a heap of EXP Potions!


[Dungeon Requirements]

After your Commander Level reaches level 15, you can enter Angelica's Special Training School through the Secret Realm interface. Each challenge costs 10 Stamina.


[Dungeon Times]

Monday & Thursday: Infantry Training

Tuesday & Friday: Lancer Training

Wednesday & Saturday: Cavalry Training

Sunday Only: Demon Training


In Angelica's Special Training School, different training classes will become available every day and they will feature enemies that are weak against that day’s chosen unit type. For example, Lancer training will feature a large number of Cavalry enemies, so sending in Lancer heroes and soldiers will help you to clear the challenge more easily. Once you clear a dungeon, a dungeon of a higher level will be unlocked. The higher the level of the dungeon, the higher the quantity and quality of its EXP Potion rewards will be!


[Daily Rewards]

The first two times you clear Angelica's Special Training School dungeons each day will grant additional daily rewards, and there will also be a higher chance of finding high-level potions among these bonus rewards! Remember to clear Angelica's Special Training School every day to make sure you get your bonus rewards! 


[Team Challenges]

You can team up with up to two friends or any other Commanders to challenge Angelica's Special Training School. Team challenges consume less Stamina than solo challenges, and you can get even more rewards!


You’ll get bonus team rewards when the team members are your friends, and you and your friends will all receive 5 Friendship Points, up to 20 times per day.


Take on Angelica's Special Training School to get loads of EXP Potions and level up your heroes! Remember to use heroes of the corresponding unit types to gin a huge advantage in battle!