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Updated on 2019.03.18

【Dungeons】 Goddess Trial

2019-01-02 03:57:12

Equipment is absolutely crucial to improving the strength of your heroes in Langrisser, and the best place to go for all your equipment needs is the Goddess Trial dungeon, home to countless rare equipment items! In addition to equipment, the Goddess Trial offers Crafter's Hammers, Enchant Scrolls, and various other items required for forging equipment.


Different Goddess Trial dungeons become available on different days of the week, and different dungeons drop items for different slots and hero types. When you complete a dungeon for the first time, you’ll unlock a higher-level challenge where you can obtain even higher-level items!


[Dungeon Requirements]

 You can enter the Goddess Trial through the Secret Realm interface after reaching level 20. Each challenge costs 30.Stamina.


[Dungeon Times & Drops]

Monday & Thursday - Fire Dragon Fafnir: Random Weapons, Armor, or Helmets

Tuesday & Friday - Ice Dragon Asante: Armor

Wednesday & Saturday - Thunder Dragon Carcosa: Helmets

Sunday - Dark Dragon Tiamat: Weapons



[Daily Rewards]

You can get additional daily rewards the first time you clear a dungeon each day, granting you an extra opportunity to acquire more rare equipment and items! Remember clear the Goddess Trial dungeons every day for bonus items!


[Team Challenges]

Join forces with up to two other commanders to challenge Goddess Trial dungeons. You can even invite your friends to come along! Team challenges consume less Stamina than solo challenges, and you’ll get more rewards! When your in-game friends are in your team, you’ll get even more rewards, and you and your friends will receive 5 Friendship Points, up to a maximum of 20 times per day.



The Goddess Trial dungeon is an indispensable way to obtain and enhance your heroes’ equipment. Rally your friends every day, form a mighty team, and stake your challenge!