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Updated on 2019.03.18

【Dungeons】 Aniki's Gym

2019-01-02 03:57:44

In Langrisser, you’ll find that certain hero/soldier combinations work wonders in specific situations, and the key to overcoming a tough battle can lie in figuring out which combinations work best. However, tactics alone aren’t always enough, and that’s where the Aniki Bros. come in! Head to the Aniki’s Gym dungeon in the Secret Realm to obtain crucial soldier upgrade items and take your troops to the next level!


The six Aniki brothers are in charge of their respective training courses in the gym. Defeat them to get all kinds of workout equipment and strange, energizing drinks that can power up your soldiers! The different gym stages become available at different times and each one contains rewards for different soldier types.


When taking on the Aniki brothers, try to remember that each of them is very powerful, and they each have unique skills. If you want to take them on, you’d better bring your A-Game!



[Dungeon Requirements]

After clearing Chapter VII of the main story, you can enter Aniki’s Gym through the Secret Realm interface. Each challenge costs 20 Stamina. Complete the initial level to unlock subsequent stages!


[Unlocking Dungeons]

Different dungeons will become available each day, offering different training items for different kinds of soldiers. Completing the initial level of each dungeon will unlock subsequent stages for that specific training type!



[Daily Rewards]

You can get additional daily rewards the first two times you clear a dungeon each day and can also get team rewards when challenging with other Commanders, as well as bonus friend rewards when teaming with your friends! There are loads of soldier training materials waiting for you in Aniki’s Gym -- remember to challenge the Aniki Bros every day for your bonus rewards!