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Updated on 2019.03.18

【Game Intro】 Terrain Bonuses

2019-01-02 03:39:03

Greetings, Commanders,


As you all know, Langrisser is a very strategic game. Hero and soldier combinations, class restraint effects, and the influence of terrain bonuses must be considered carefully to achieve the best results in battle.


Today, I’d like to introduce you to the concept of terrain bonuses.


In Langrisser, terrain is an important factor to consider when assessing the battle situation.


Before each battle, you should select your troops according to the main terrain of the battlefield. For example, Cavalry is not a wise choice when fighting in a vast desert, as every move on desert terrain counts as two moves for Cavalry, greatly reducing their mobility. On the other hand Fliers and Infantry will not be affected, and can therefore battle as they would on normal terrain.



In the course of battle, defensive bonuses can be gained by occupying favorable terrain. If you learn to utilize defense bonuses well, you’ll discover that a single troop can prevent an entire army from advancing. For example, in the battle shown below, our troop has occupied a forest, thus increasing its defense by 20%. It would be very difficult for any enemy to make short work of Liana while she has such a strong defensive advantage!


Langrisser features a rich variety of terrain types -- please refer to the pictures below for detailed information on how these terrains affect combat!


If you ever forget the effects of different terrain types, you can always check the terrain information panel in the upper-right corner of the battle interface at any time!


Terrain bonuses are just fascinating, aren’t they? I bet you can't wait to try them out for yourselves, can you, Commanders? Well, I'll be waiting to see how you utilize them on the battlefield…  


Lushiris, Goddess of Light