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Updated on 2019.03.18

【Features】 Time Rift

2019-01-02 03:42:19

Dear Commanders,


Today, I'd like to introduce one of Langrisser Mobile's most distinctive gameplay features – The Time Rift!


Classic scenarios from Langrisser’s past are back to boggle your mind and put your strategic prowess to the test once again! Are you ready to see what challenges await in Langrisser Mobile?



In Langrisser Mobile’s Time Rift mode, you can revisit classic stages from the entire Langrisser series. Test your mettle in the Siege of Kalxath City, the Battle of Baldea River, and over 300 other epic showdowns, including appearances by the Aniki Brothers, a face-off in the Temple of Darkness, and other special stages.


The victory conditions differ from stage to stage: eliminate your enemies, defend allies from defeat, survive overwhelming onslaughts from powerful enemy armies, and carefully use terrain to block the enemy’s advance – the list goes on and on! Each stage presents a fun and unique challenge and puts your tactical mastery to the test!



Time Rift stages grant loads of transfer materials, so if you want to transfer your heroes to a new class, you know where to go, Commander!



I look forward to seeing how you fare in the Time Rift.


Until then…


Lushiris, Goddess of Light