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Updated on 2019.03.18

【Features】 Training

2019-01-02 03:49:54

Soldier Training: Training Ground

Soldiers can turn the heroes of Langrisser into unstoppable war machines, so let's take a look at how to enhance their effectiveness and gain an edge in battle!


[Unlock Requirements]

Complete Chapter 7



1)     Soldier Training Types

Training is available for all soldier types, including Infantry, Lancer, Cavalry, Flier, Aquatic, Archer, Assassin, Holy, and Demon types.



2)     Strengthening

You can also improve the stats of soldiers in the Training Ground! Different kinds of training enhance different soldier stats and require different kinds of training items. As training levels increase, the quality and quantity of training items will also increase. You can obtain all of the training items you need from taking on the Aniki bros in Aniki’s Gym!



You can unlock high-level soldiers by training in the Training Ground, as well as increase the basic stats of high-level soldiers and unlock more powerful soldier skills. Unlocking soldiers also requires certain training items, which can also be obtained through Aniki’s Gym dungeons.



There are many types of soldiers in Langrisser, and they all need training items to be trained to their full potential, so don’t forget to visit the Training Ground every day and train according to the items you need to form your dream team! Okay, Commanders, I'm heading off to build my own team. I'll be waiting for you in the game!