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Updated on 2019.03.18

【Features】 Secret Realm

2019-01-02 03:50:28

[What can you get from Secret Realm dungeons?]


Aniki's Gym – Your soldiers’ favorite dungeon, full of all kinds of training equipment to make your soldiers stronger!

Goddess Trial – Grab the equipment your heroes have been yearning for, and all the items you need to enhance their gear, too!

Stolen Treasure – Snatch stashes of Gold! You’ll need it for various things throughout your journey!

Angelica’s Special Training School – Need to level up your heroes? Get your EXP Potions here!

Bond Realm – Give your heroes gifts, find out more about their pasts, and watch them get stronger!



Now, let’s take a look at how these dungeons work!


[Aniki’s Gym]

This gym is guarded by the six Aniki brothers and contains all kinds of intimidating training equipment and strange drinks that your soldiers can’t get enough of!

The six Aniki brothers are in charge of their respective training courses in the gym, each guarding different training materials and possessing different powerful skills. If you want to take them on, you’d better bring your A-Game!



[Goddess Trial]

Every day, the Goddess will send different dragons to test your strength. Each dragon has different attributes, such as ice, fire, and thunder, and they each have a weakness -- think carefully about which heroes and soldiers you’ll send in to challenge them, Commander! For example, troops close to the Ice Dragon are often frozen, but ranged heroes don’t have to worry about this!



[Stolen Treasure]

Greedy little goblins are constantly stealing treasure from every corner of the land! Although they don't have the ability to attack, they’re prone to running away in all directions, so make sure you choose offensive heroes to kill them quickly! AoE mages are a good choice here, but if you send in a tank or healer to take care of them, you may find yourself losing out on that glorious Gold!



[Angelica’s Special Training School]

Angelica is a magical engineer who not only rebuilds the floating city, but also develops special training robots to simulate various types of enemies and train your heroes in combat! These robots should not be underestimated – be extra careful when taking them on!



[Bond Realm]

Your summoned heroes need a little love, too! In order to keep them happy and deepen your connection with them, you can enter the Bond Realm to claim and give your heroes a certain amount of gifts each day! Enter the realm every day and fight your hardest to earn gifts for your beloved heroes!



What does your team need most? Whatever it is, you’re sure to find it in the Secret Realm!