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Updated on 2019.03.18

【Features】 Equipment System

2019-01-02 03:52:08

If your heroes are to stand a chance of vanquishing your foes on the battlefield, they can’t exactly do it barehanded, can they? This is why it’s particularly important for your heroes to wear appropriate equipment when charging into battle! Equipment can not only grant your heroes bonus attributes, they can also bestow them with new passive skills. So, how do you equip heroes?


Wearing Equipment

Each hero has four equipment slots, each corresponding to different equipment types, and each equipment item grants one or more types of attribute. Equipment can be unequipped from heroes or replaced with other equipment and equipped to other heroes. First, tap on a hero and select [Equipment], then tap on the equipment slot you want to access and choose to replace or wear your desired equipment.



Equipment Strengthening:

You can grant equipment EXP by consuming equipment you don’t need and some gold. When your equipment’s EXP reaches a certain amount, it will level up!


Any equipment that has not been enhanced or star upgraded can be used as equipment material.


Some equipment items possess equipment skills, and these equipment items need to be enhanced to level 10 before their skills can take effect.


Equipment Strengthening Interface



Star Upgrading:

When equipment is strengthened to the maximum level, you can upgrade its star level, and thus increase its maximum level. Star Upgrading requires unwanted equipment, star upgrade items, and gold.


You can use unwanted equipment of the same name as the equipment you want to upgrade as star upgrade items, or use special star upgrade materials known as Martial Spirits, corresponding to your equipment’s rarity.


Star Upgrade Interface



Equipment Enchantment:

In addition to strengthening and star upgrading, you can also enchant your equipment. Enchantment can add 1-3 attributes to a hero, and when multiple enchantments of the same type are stacked, they can activate a "Resonance" effect, adding passive skills or effects to your heroes.



For example, we can see here that Ledin, as a tank, has four pieces of equipment enchanted with Thorns, not only increasing his HP by 10%, but also giving him a chance to reflect 50% of the damage he takes when attacked.