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Updated on 2019.03.18

【Features】 Bond System

2019-01-07 21:40:28

Bonds are built through intimate interactions between commanders and their heroes. By interacting with heroes and giving them gifts, you can quickly enhance your Intimacy with them. This not only enhances their attributes, but can also unlock exclusive hero voice clips and battle scenarios! 


Intimacy represents the relationship between you and your heroes. When a hero's Intimacy reaches a certain level, their Bond Power will be unlocked, and they will receive attribute bonuses.


Every hero has a different personality and different gift preferences. For example, the Dark Princess Lana's favorite gift is a Black Cat, and Rohga’s favorite gift just so happens to be the book My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute! When you give your heroes their favorite gifts, your Intimacy with them will increase even more!


Bond Power

Bond Power grants your heroes passive skill effects. When a hero's Intimacy reaches a certain level, you’ll need to complete a special mission. After completing the mission, the hero’s Bond Power will be unlocked.

Each Bond Skill is just like a hero's passive skill. Once unlocked, it will take effect without needing to be equipped.

You can upgrade Bond Skills by consuming Gold and special upgrade items. Upgrading Bond Power requires Heart Keys, which drop in the Secret Realm’s Bond Realm.



Memory Gates

All SSR and SR heroes have their own Memory Gate scenarios.
Enter a hero’s Memory Gate and you can experience critical moments in their stories, the battles that shaped them, and the unforgettable dialog for which they will forever be remembered.

A hero’s Memory Gate scenarios are unlocked once you reach a certain level of Intimacy with them. Each hero's Memory Gate has N stages. These stages allow you to accompany them in their past battles, and you will also have a chance to obtain Memory Shards for your heroes!